Axolotl hatchlings
hatchling size
The typical size of a newly hatched axolotl is about 3/8’s of an inch. As soon as possible after hatching, you should transfer the hatchlings to a new, clean tank. Making sure that they are not overcrowded. You will need to change the water in this container daily due to the waste buildup from the uneaten food and from the animals themselves.
The hatchlings will still be eating their yoke sack for the first 24-48 hours after hatching. Because of this it is not necessary to feed them for the first 1-2 days after hatching.

After this time they should be fed live, newly hatched brine shrimp that have been rinsed in freshwater to remove the salt. The brine shrimp should be fed to the hatchlings with a pipette or eye dropper by gently releasing the brine shrimp very close to the axolotl’s head. Because their feeding response is entirely based on movement at this stage in their development, they will only instinctually bite at shrimp that are swimming near enough to them that they can feel the movement in the water caused by the shrimp’s swimming.

When the hatchlings snap at the shrimp, you will be able to see them ‘pop’ up off the floor of the tank slightly and sink back down. As the hatchlings eat, you should also be able to see their stomachs turn orange and distend slightly, this is how you will know that they are getting enough to eat.

Soon you will start to notice front legs beginning to bud on the hatchlings, followed by the hind limbs. Once their front and hind limbs have grown, they are known as juveniles. See here for more information on how to raise and care for juveniles.
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