Axolotls for sale

If you are interested in adopting one or more of our animals, please contact us with the color morph you are interested in and how many you would like. Each color description shows a picture of a juvenile from our current brood as well as an adult to show off the adult coloration.

In our current stock we are happy to have:

Wild type:
looking at eachother between tanks_2_2

The most ‘natural looking’ of all the color morphs, these mottled green beauties are full of personality. $75 ea.

Black melanoid:

Ranging from dark grey to black, these axolotls are highly sought after for their unusually dark color. Velvety and dark from their skin to their gills, even the irises of their eyes are black. They nearly disappear when kept on a black sand substrate. $85 ea.


One of the most popular color morphs. Truly striking color combination of pale skin, dark eyes and bright pink gills. Even people who don’t usually like amphibians think these guys are adorable. If they are kept on a dark substrate they may develop freckles on their face the same color as the sand. $85 ea.

Golden albino:

Absolutely breathtaking coloration. Ranging from pale yellow to a deep bright canary yellow, with reflective cells known as irridiphores in the skin that give the animal a look as though it is gilded with flecks of gold. $90 ea.

White albino:
while albinonet

Pale skin and eyes with bright pink gills, but lacking the reflective gold tones of the golden albino. $85 each.
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